R7S LED pære
10W, 118mm, dimbar, 230V

Dimbar R7S LED pære.

Vennligst merk at eldre gulvlamper og lignende er designet til en høyere effekt.

En innebygd dimmer kommer ikke til å fungere om lampens forbruk (W) er under dimmerens minimum (W) output.

Introducing the R7S LED bulb, a powerful and energy-efficient lighting solution that will revolutionize the way you light up your home or workspace. With a power consumption of just 10 watts, this LED bulb can easily replace a conventional 64 watt bulb, making it a highly cost-effective option in the long run. It has an R7S socket that requires a 230V power supply for optimal performance.

One of the key features of this LED bulb is its high luminosity, which is measured at 890 lumens. This means that it can provide a bright and clear light that is perfect for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, it has a very wide beam angle of 360 degrees, which ensures that the light is evenly distributed across the room.

The R7S LED bulb also has a high color rendering index (CRI) of 80-85. This means that it can accurately reproduce colors in their natural state, making it perfect for tasks that require a high level of color accuracy. Whether you are reading, writing, or simply relaxing, this LED bulb will provide you with a natural and comfortable light that is easy on the eyes.

Another great feature of the R7S LED bulb is its dimmable function. This allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a bright light for reading or a softer light for relaxing. With its three different color temperature options, you can choose the perfect lighting ambiance for any room or occasion.

Speaking of color temperature, the R7S LED bulb comes in three different options - warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K), and cool white (6400K). Each of these colors has its own unique benefits, depending on your lighting needs. Warm white is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, neutral white is ideal for workspaces, and cool white is great for decorative and accent lighting.

Finally, the R7S LED bulb measures 118 x Ø23 mm, making it a compact and versatile lighting solution that can fit into almost any fixture. With its high-quality build and exceptional performance, this LED bulb is a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their lighting system.

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126,00 kr inkl. mva.

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Varm hvit lysfarge3000K
Nøytral hvit lysfarge4000K
Kald hvit lysfarge6400K
Lysstyrke890 lumens
Spredning360 grader
RA>= 80
Forventet levetid L8025000 timer
Forbruk og spenning
EnergiklasseF (A-G)
Sensor kompatibelNei - Les mer om sensor/tidsur og LED.
Bredde118 mm.
Diameter23 mm.